Martin MacDonald - Founder of Mac Nutrition

Martin MacDonald - Founder of Mac Nutrition

"I’ve been using @prepkitchenuk for literally breakfast, lunch and dinner for probably over 2 months now.

Honestly, I’ve massively rated them…Over the years I’ve used a LOT of meal prep companies with clients and in particular athletes and can honestly say the quality and TASTE of these meals is second to none.

Unreal variety. Personal favourites: Chilli chicken, Mongolian beef and pulled pork!
I am NOT being paid to promote this product.
I don’t get a percentage of every meal you buy.
I don’t have shares!"

Why we work with Martin:

Martin is a cornerstone of the evidence-based fitness industry. He strips away all the rubbish, lies and broscience, to teach PTs and nutritionists a sound scientific approach to digesting information. His Mac Nutrition University has quickly become the Gold Standard of the nutrition world.

Martin's approach makes working with him fun, challenging and very rewarding. Taking on the established fad-based diet industry may seem like an impossible task, but Martin is smashing it, and we’re with him every step of the way.