12 Week Transformation- Week 6

WEEK 6 Progress Picture

Starting Weight: 110.1kgs

Week 1: 107.6kgs (-2.5kgs)

Week 2: 104.5kgs (-3.1kgs)

Week 3: 103.1kgs (-1.4kgs)

Week 4: 101.1kgs (-2kgs)

Week 5: 99.8kgs (-1.3kgs)

Week 6: 98.8kgs (-1kg)

Total Loss to date: -11.3kgs

The One Where Old Clothes Start Fitting Again

Clothes are starting to fit again! I repeat, my clothes are starting to fit again!

To those of you who have previously lost weight and then somehow managed to put it all back on, you’ll understand the struggle of having a wardrobe of clothes that gather dust because you no longer fit them. I have a walk-in closet full of clothes that fit a slimmer Paulo; the Paulo who already went through a weight loss challenge, and came out the other side toned and ready to flaunt his new body. Clothes that, as I look through now, look desperately small. I could’ve sworn that I thought a vest I saw hanging up was a corset!

This always happens when I lose weight; the confidence a new body gives you. I tend to buy skin-tight clothes to make sure that, without a doubt, people notice I’ve lost weight. It didn’t matter what the weather or season was either, if I was slim and toned, the world would know it. Be it sunny, hailing, or snowing, I was wearing a vest and shorts in public!

There wasn’t much I could fit at the beginning of this 12-week Prep Kitchen challenge. I was too stubborn to buy bigger clothes because I felt doing so would be accepting defeat. I would be accepting the reality that I am bigger, and though this was my reality, I did not want it to be. At all. I felt that buying bigger clothes somehow would seal the deal- confirming that I am bigger and that this would be the case from here on out. So, I wouldn't buy any bigger clothing. I had a couple (and this is no exaggeration) of tops, some shorts with a good stretchy waistband, a few track pants, and a variety of oversized hoodies, and these would make their regular rotation during the week. God bless my partner who, for all that the torture he puts me through (what, with all the cocktails, McDonald's, and sober driving I do for him), does the washing very regularly.

I made it my mission to fit into my old clothes. Every week after my weigh-ins I would try on bits of my old clothing and, in my delusion, see if one week of healthy eating and exercising would magically make me slim again. It didn't, but it became a great motivation for me to keep going with the challenge and see how clothes fit week by week, and every week, sure enough, things would slowly start to fit better and better.

Last weekend, I was able to squeeze myself successfully into a pair of old jeans. I tried pairing it with an old top as well to complete the ensemble, but the gentle stretching (ripping?) sound from the hems told me it was a premature and optimistic attempt (I’ll try again next week). However, the jeans fit perfectly! It has a bit of stretch in the waistband, sure, but it fits! And so, it starts. The final stretch to my previous healthy trimmer self!

I’m over the moon with my progress, and in just six weeks with six more to go! I'm only halfway through this 12-week transformation, and there's no slowing down or motivation loss on this ship!

Besides the removal of alcohol, which was my own decision, I don’t feel that I’ve been missing out, or that I’ve been restricting my eating. The problem with many weight-loss meal plans and programmes is the restriction of certain foods and the monotony of meals. This has definitely been the case with me over the years, so when the weight loss challenge was over, I overindulged in all the foods that were restricted and ate everything in sight because I missed variety.

With Prep Kitchen meals I haven’t felt this restriction. I genuinely do not feel like I’ve been on a diet. If anything, I’m eating more variety of foods and meals than ever, I’m enjoying all the meals they offer, and the compact, recyclable and disposable packaging means that the chore of doing the dishes has been very minimal- If that isn’t reason enough to try out Prep Kitchen meals, I don’t know what will.

Paulo’s Meal of the Week:

Nacho Chicken

Have you ever wished you could eat crispy fried chicken while sticking to your diet and keeping your macros on point?

No, this isn't some incredibly mean late April fool’s joke, with the Nacho Chicken dish you can!

The star of the show, providing 36g of protein in a balanced fat loss meal, and 42g in a lower carb meal, is of course the nacho chicken. Breaded in smashed up nachos, this dish is also gluten-free.

For sides, they’ve gone the classic Americana route: Juicy, smoky and sweet pit beans for veg, and a generous handful of potato wedges for carbs. This dish is pure comfort food indulgence!

So stop wishing and start trying. Order nacho chicken now for delivery this Sunday!

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