Week 5 Update of 12 Week Transformation

My 12-Week Exercise Regime

Planned Exercise: CrossFit & HIIT Workouts

A normal day starts off with me reluctantly waking up earlier than I should (around 7.30 am) because of the sounds of hairspray, blow-drying and YouTube clips screaming from the bathroom. No, this is apparently not done on purpose. Yes, my partner is still testing me. And yes, we are still together somehow.

My day needs to start with a workout or exercise of some sort. It's the best way for me to start the day and it sets me up for the day. When I start the day choosing health and fitness, that choice echoes throughout the rest of my day.

So, I’ll pretty myself up in the bathroom- fighting for mirror space- down some multivitamins and fish oil, sip on a double espresso while browsing through some news on my phone, then start my way off to my morning gym session.

Now, I guess I'm a tad competitive. I am one of seven siblings, and though some say I have the classic middle-child syndrome, I tend to think that I'm a centre-stage star. I'm that person in a HIIT workout class or Bootcamp class who is going 120% and it's only the warmup. Or that person at the gym who casually – but very obviously- puts on more weight on the bar if they see someone else lifting heavier, and then lifting the weight as though I'm not dying a thousand times over. We all know that person.

I never truly feel like I’ve done a great workout unless I’m dying at the end of a class. You know the scene, crouched on the floor on all fours gasping for air and looking at your red face through the reflection of the pool of sweat you’ve created.

If I could self-diagnose asthma by the end of a class, that that was the class for me. CrossFit, conditioning, and HIIT type classes really make me feel like I’ve done something. With most gym programmes, you feel DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome) maybe a day or two later, but I need an immediate sense of accomplishment. I need instant gratification. I need to know then and there that I’ve worked my ass off. This is and has always been, my preferred style of working out. The trick is finding what works for you and being consistent! Another great tip is to find a friend to do it with you! Exercising is less intimidating when you're suffering and ugly-panting together at the end of a session.

That feeling after a great workout makes you feel so accomplished and invincible! You're on top of the world! It makes you want to eat better; you want to fuel yourself with the right nutrition! This is what I love about working out early in the morning before my day starts because it sets me up for a great day! The after-effects of a morning session make me want to eat right, drink lots of water, and make better decisions.

Unplanned Exercise: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

On top of my gym sessions, I make sure to get a minimum of 10,000 steps a day in to help me with Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT). Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is described as the calories we burn by the movements we make when we go about our daily business.

NEAT accounts for about 22% of your daily calorie expenditure. Things like moving around, vacuuming, cooking, walking to the shops instead of driving, parking further away from the entrance, walking around on your lunch breaks, deliberately running late to catch your bus so that you sprint to the bus station instead of walking – okay, too far. But you get the gist.

Exercise typically accounts for 12% of total calories burned a day. So, as important as exercise is for weight loss, it’s probably more important to rack up those NEAT points, as it accounts (on average) for more of your daily burned calories! On my rest days, I focus more on NEAT so that I’m still getting some form of ‘exercise’ in. 10,000 steps may sound like a lot, but they tally up quite quickly! Don’t believe me? Go shopping and see how quickly those steps build.

Prep Kitchen Meals & Exercise

There is no denying the convenience meal prep has for anyone trying to manage their weight. There is comfort in knowing exactly what you're eating for the day, especially after a big workout. The dangers of eating bad come about most when I have to think about what to eat; when I have to wonder about what I should eat versus what I can eat. This is when bad food habits or sneaky treats or snacks can creep into your meals. A chicken sandwich can easily evolve into a chicken and mayo sandwich with crisps and a can of coke. Or a quick stop at Tesco for a protein bar could quickly change to a steak slice, Doritos and Red Bull.

My Prep Kitchen meals are ready for me at all times of the day. I don’t think about what to eat when it’s already prepared and only a microwave ‘ding’ away.

My goals are to build lean muscle and lose fat. The high protein in my pre-selected Prep Kitchen meals not only keeps me fuller longer (trust me, I need this- I have a big appetite) but also helps with my protein intake to help me achieve building lean muscle.

It can be difficult finding and creating meals that are high in protein, so when Prep Kitchen calculate protein for you and create dishes that are specifically higher in protein, it really helps those who are trying to gain muscle.

And oh, the difference carbohydrates make not only to my personality (of which, I have none when I eliminate carbs) but also to my performance at the gym! Carbohydrates are necessary- Yes, I said necessary, I’m speaking to many of you are deem carbs the devil- to provide you with fuel. It is the body’s main source of energy! When I opted for carbs in my Prep Kitchen meals, I noticed the difference and impact it had on my performance at the gym, and the carb content is pre-calculated for all Prep Kitchen meals.

For our convenience, the macros and calories are calculated and displayed on all meal packaging. So, for those, like me, who are trying to increase their protein intake or trying to work out if meals have the right number of proteins, carbs or fats, then you’re sorted!


Starting Weight: 110.1kgs

Week 1: 107.6kgs (-2.5kgs)

Week 2: 104.5kgs (-3.1kgs)

Week 3: 103.1kgs (-1.4kgs)

Week 4: 101.1kgs (-2kgs)

Week 5: 99.8kgs (-1.3kgs)

Total Loss to date: -10.3kgs

Paulo’s Meal of the Week: BBQ Pulled Pork

BBQ Pulled Pork- Smoky, sweet and super tasty, with macros that will fit any diet - what's not to love?

For balanced sides, they have a wonderful sweet potato mash and charred cabbage, and for lower carb, a cauliflower and white bean mash that keeps the carbs low and the flavour at an 11!

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