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“Straight from ‘The Land of Smiles’, this recipe follows the traditional cooking methods found in Thai cuisine. Our homemade curry paste uses authentic Thai ingredients and boasts incredible flavour when combined with light, creamy coconut milk. With lean chicken breast, fragrant jasmine rice and fresh vegetables including broccoli and green beans, this dish will certainly leave you ‘smiling’!”


Ingredients: Jasmine Rice, Chicken, Green Beans, Broccoli, Coconut milk, Water, Red Onion, Red Chilli, Olive Oil, Galangal, Lemon Grass, Garlic, Shrimp Paste, Coriander (Fresh), Palm Sugar, Chicken Stock, Fish Sauce, Sea Salt, Kaffir Lime Leaves

Red Thai Curry


Nutritional Information

per meal
Calories kcal
Fat g
Saturated g
Carbohydrate g
Protein g
Salt mg
Fibre g


Calories kcal
Fat g
Carbs g
Protein g

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