Mitch Adams – UK #1 Crossfit Champion – “UK’s Fittest Man”

Mitch Adams – UK #1 Crossfit Champion – “UK’s Fittest Man”

"Prep kitchen UK has been one of the most positive additions to my competitive journey. Leading a busy day to day life as a competitive athlete, and as a business owner, the convenience of having your food prepared and delivered to your door at the start of each week is invaluable to me.

The meals themselves are extremely nutritious, the high calorie muscle gain meals are compulsory for me to hit enough calories to fuel a 12-hour work day and double training days. The fat loss, lighter option, meals are perfect between training sessions. The choice of meals that they have to offer is fantastic, meaning there is always something new to try and you never get bored of the meals.

Since having the meals, I have noticed a positive difference in my ability to perform and recover from training."

Why we work with Mitch:

Mitch’s athletic output and performance is so high you wouldn’t believe a human was capable of it. Mitch is the perfect athlete to set the bar and show everyone what the human body is capable of with the right food, training and mindset. Outside of the gym Mitch is always friendly, buzzing, and up for anything. He’s a real pleasure to work with. 

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